A nice cafe makes me really happy. Like REALLY HAPPY. It takes a while to get used to things and same goes for cafes. People can be species of habit. You get them into a habit, your business can skyrocket.

Starbucks’ strongest attribute is that it’s a default. At least to me. You know what to expect when you walk in: same menu, same atmosphere, same routine (line, order, ask for your name, wait on the other side).

To be honest, I love my green tea lattes, hazelnut macchiatos, caramel lattes/macchiatos, white mochas, mochas, and vanilla late BUT I am getting bored. My university has a Starbucks connected to the Business school and another one in the middle of campus. In the suburbs I grew up in, I have to do some research ahead of time to find a cafe that’s not a Starbucks. Sometimes I drive a little further just to sit in a different Starbucks only to find myself in the same surroundings. How ironic is that? So I definitely make an effort and go out of my way to find new venues.

Photo Apr 06, 9 08 29 PM

Finding these things in cafes make me happy:

  • BIG WINDOWS. Natural light. 
  • Ample work space. Big tables.
  • A good selection of tea lattes/chai. Food is good too!
  • Corners where you can hide
  • Ample outlets for charging your devices
  • Free and Fast Wifi

I am a people watcher. It’s not on purpose. I am just very aware of my surroundings. I don’t need to stare. I’ll notice you from the corner of my eye or hear your presence. My list of some people I’ve noticed in cafes:

  • “Casual” Business Meetings: “Hey, let’s meet up at Starbucks to talk over a few things”. It’s supposed to be casual but there’s usually someone trying to out talk or impress the other
  • Students: Studying. Full table with pens, papers, laptop, books. I sympathize and empathize
  • The Periodic Meet-Up: They come in, spill out all the gossip in their life, lots of head nodding *hug* leaves
  • Working Professional: They work with a certain suave associated with the fact they’ve got a job to do and get to work anywhere they want (with wifi)
  • Peaceful Bookworm: Those sitting with a book, magazine, or newspaper
  • Dates: Keeping it casual because they don’t know each other very well or being casual because they already know each other very well




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