Seller Tradesy Review

I mentioned briefly in a previous post about my journey towards minimalism. I haven’t quite reached the simple closet that I’m reaching for but there’s a reason for that- I’ve been selling my clothes. So instead of getting rid of everything all in one trip to Goodwill, I have my items sitting in my room until they get sold off to their new homes.

Photo Apr 20, 9 37 47 PM

I inspect all of my items to make sure they’re in good/like-new condition and sellable. If there is something that I believe the buyer should be aware of (minor piling, small scratches) I make a note of it in the description. It’s only fair to let people know what they’re buying and I definitely don’t want an unhappy customer. It’s preloved clothing after all. People can have their doubts so it’s good to be descriptive.

Photo Apr 20, 9 56 23 PM

I’ve only sold things on tradesy. I haven’t purchased anything… yet
I’ve listed all my items for sale via their mobile app using an iPhone

  • I’ve notice that I list items quite fast. For a reference, faster than when I list something with eBay’s mobile app because there are less things to fill out
  • Technical glitches. The app can be slow at times. It’s not a biggie but I do notice that when I press “next” or “select designer” it’s not as smooth or immediate as most apps I use. There’s about a 1 second wait. It’s not a deal breaker but would be great if it was improved. I did find some other minor technical issues. When I was uploading more than 6 pictures on a listing, the app would crash. Also, after sending a message to a user via their site (desktop), I wanted to send another user a message. My previous message showed up again in the box when there should have been a blank box for the new message.

I joined early March 2014. I made my first sale in mid April 2014

  • In March, I wasn’t very active and didn’t have very many listings. I started listing more items in April which could have been a possible reason as to why I finally made a sale. More listings make you more visible

I currently have 70 listing and have sold 3 items 

  • My sold items are all brand name items (DVF, J. Crew, Madewell). I have quite a number of  “no name, no brand” items that I bought from boutiques and I’m curious to see if they will actually sell

5 users have sent me private messages about inquiries and questions about particular items I have for sale

  • So here’s the social part of it. I guess. You can privately chat with other users about your items. Users don’t comment on listings like they do in Poshmark but you can “want” something that’s essentially the same as watching something on eBay and liking something on Poshmark
  • Though I don’t mind communicating with potential buyers and other users, there’s a plus side to having a selling platform that isn’t as social as Poshmark. There’s definitely less haggling and questions are more straightforward
  • The 3 items I sold so far were bought without any messaging or questioning. The reason why I point this out is because I’m also a user on Poshmark and I rarely EVER get a sale on Poshmark without someone reconfirming something I wrote in the description, asking me to lower my price, asking me to model, or whatever else they can think of. It can be a waste of my time when users ask multiple questions and are not serious buyers. Again, I really don’t mind answering questions. It’s not a big deal for me to open the app and start typing but I don’t like having my time wasted. So Tradesy definitely has a less social feel than Poshmark and I am contacted less on Tradesy. Some people enjoy the socializing when it comes to selling and some just want to sell their things, leave it alone, and pack it up when they’re notified of a sale. Don’t get me wrong though. I do enjoy using Poshmark despite some drawbacks. More on that in another post TBW (to be written)

They take a 9% commission cut and you can transfer your earnings to paypal

  • The Paypal part was a huge plus for me. It’s convenient. But when you transfer those earnings to Paypal, you will pay $2.00 plus 2.9% of your total transaction amount. Find more info on their fees here

Photo Apr 20, 11 51 36 PM

  • So to break it down
    • I list an item with a selling price of $32
    • The buyer will pay $41 (selling price + shipping)
    • I make $29.12 and can use that exact amount to shop on Tradesy
    • If I cash out to Paypal, I’ll receive $26.27

Customer Service is Speedy

When you visit their site, you have the option to contact them via live chat. I’ve used the chat pop-up box to contact them and left a message (since they weren’t online). They got back to me the same day. I contacted them today and they got back to me in less than an hour. They’re responsive and speedy :) You even have the option to call them. I haven’t run into any issue  or problems with Tradesy so far so I can’t say what it’s like to resolve an issue with them.


Now this is where things get interesting. Tradesy actually provides you with a shipping kit. So if you are a BRAND NEW seller who doesn’t quite understand how this whole sell your clothes thing works and shipping is what’s stopped you from selling, have no fear. Tradesy makes it hands down super easy. You don’t even need a printer. Here’s what happened when I made my first sale:

  • Notified via email on a Monday that an item has just been sold
  • Made another sale on Tuesday (SCORE! 2 in one week)
  • Received both shipping kits on Saturday

Photo Apr 20, 9 27 33 PM

  • The contents= tissue paper, tradesy sticker, a prepaid poly mailing bag, and instructions
    Photo Apr 20, 9 30 47 PM
  • One thing to note. I believe they give out the same shipping kit regardless of what you’re shipping. For example, I needed to ship out a pair of shoes and a shirt and both shipping kits enclosed the same contents listed above. I thought that maybe they would give me a shipping kit specifically for shoes but, nope, still received the same poly bag. No biggie though. I’m planning on using a box and just wrapping the poly bag around that
  • Pack, and you’re done!
  • The shipping kit is not mandatory. On Friday, I emailed Tradesy asking them if I had to use their shipping kit. They said you can ship out the items with your own supplies and print out the prepaid label. But since this was my first time shipping out an order through a tradesy sale, I wanted to wait and use the shipping kit

Avoiding a trip to the post office 

  • If the item fits in my mailbox, I go ahead and just leave it in the mailbox with the flag up for the postlady to pick it up. So far, I haven’t had any issues and she hasn’t said anything to me
  • If it’s a larger package, you can download the USPS app and schedule a pick up

Photo Apr 20, 11 13 00 PM

I sell things mainly via eBay, Instagram, Tradesy, and Poshmark (posts TBW to be written)and haven’t made a trip to the post office in months. It’s awesome.

Other selling platforms to consider include Vinted, Threadflip, and Modezine but I haven’t tried these out myself. If you know of any other ways of selling your unwanted items from your closet, leave me a comment. I’m always interested in knowing what else is out there.

You can also make some cash with Thredup and Twice. They buy your clothes from you, more like consignment. If you’re interested in purchasing, Thredup prices seem to be a tad lower than twice (from what I’ve noticed at least). I’ve purchased a couple of items from Thredup and so far so good. It took ~10 days for my order to arrive from the day I placed the order.

Hope you enjoyed this review on Tradesy! Feel free to tell me what you think about Tradesy, or other selling platforms, and share your experiences. I’d love to hear about it!


A Female Audience

One of the reasons why I love Ellen:

“Finally the pen industry came up with a way for women to write because before that we were only allowed to write in lipstick or tears”

“It comes in pink and eyeliner brown”

“Today your progress as a woman will be set back 92 years”

“I don’t want them to grow up in the world where girls have to like pink and boys have to like blue”

Is it a marketing fail? The marketing process goes something like so:

Identify potential markets → Determine market segmentation → Selecting market(s) to target → Positioning through marketing strategies

Marketers determine who to target. It’s not a shot in the dark in hopes that someone out there catches on. It’s clear that these brands were targeting women, no doubt about that. Their positioning in the marketing strategy was aimed so explicitly at women that it received negative reactions. The products created may have been creative in the idea and may appeal to some but the their marketing execution set it up for potential failure. Execution can be as important, and even more, than the actual service or product being provided. Why did Bic have to name their pink and purple pen “for her”? Just sell pink and purple pens and let us decide who it’s for.


About Bella Awards from the website

Malaysia’s 1st women awards show – Bella Awards 2013 – to celebrate, recognise, and honour successful women for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society.

The tagline is “she sparkles”. Guests walk down the Sparkle Carpet. The color theme is purple and the Bella logo is encrusted in sparkling diamonds. It’s great that they are celebrating and recognizing women in the community but the association of women and things such as sparkles, the color purple, and diamonds just got to me. Personally, I would have mixed feelings if I received an award tied to this kind of mantra. I wonder if any of these successful women had something to say about the theme. These were my initial thoughts when I saw the Bella Awards. But where is the line between serving/attracting your female audience and placing them into a stereotype? I question this often and am still trying to muster up an answer.




I’ve been obsessing over her lately and did a marathon of her show, The Rachel Zoe Project. I love how intense she is. She works hard and is so passionate about what she does. She is trying to stay true to herself in what she wants to see in her designs rather than simply releasing designs that will sell well commercially. Here’s a summary of the recent episode I’m referring to on smallscreenscoop. I loved this dialogue between Rachel and Michael:

Michael: “Women love pink.”

Rachel:  “It’s the only thing I have an allergy to. It’s very Barbie and bridal. I can’t. It’s bubblegum. Will someone tell me why everyone loves pink? I literally don’t understand what the obsession is.”

When all was said and done, a Bordeaux wine red had to substitute for the Rachel Zoe Fall 2013 collection. “How does Rachel Zoe do pink? She does Bordeaux wine,” said the boss.

NOM Trucks \ Runway Shows


Photo Feb 18, 9 12 38 PM

Food trucks in Atlanta

Marc Jacobs’ Runway Show for Louis Vuitton

{} Spring 2012

{Gotham Magazine} Spring/Summer 2013


The idea or content can be worth nothing unless it can be executed or presented well. I’m a horrible presenter and I’m working on it. So this is horrible news for me.

Louis Vuitton’s runway shows are more than models strutting the catwalk. Instead of doing the usual walk down the runway, they choreographed the catwalk with a carousel and escalators. AMAZING.


A nice cafe makes me really happy. Like REALLY HAPPY. It takes a while to get used to things and same goes for cafes. People can be species of habit. You get them into a habit, your business can skyrocket.

Starbucks’ strongest attribute is that it’s a default. At least to me. You know what to expect when you walk in: same menu, same atmosphere, same routine (line, order, ask for your name, wait on the other side).

To be honest, I love my green tea lattes, hazelnut macchiatos, caramel lattes/macchiatos, white mochas, mochas, and vanilla late BUT I am getting bored. My university has a Starbucks connected to the Business school and another one in the middle of campus. In the suburbs I grew up in, I have to do some research ahead of time to find a cafe that’s not a Starbucks. Sometimes I drive a little further just to sit in a different Starbucks only to find myself in the same surroundings. How ironic is that? So I definitely make an effort and go out of my way to find new venues.

Photo Apr 06, 9 08 29 PM

Finding these things in cafes make me happy:

  • BIG WINDOWS. Natural light. 
  • Ample work space. Big tables.
  • A good selection of tea lattes/chai. Food is good too!
  • Corners where you can hide
  • Ample outlets for charging your devices
  • Free and Fast Wifi

I am a people watcher. It’s not on purpose. I am just very aware of my surroundings. I don’t need to stare. I’ll notice you from the corner of my eye or hear your presence. My list of some people I’ve noticed in cafes:

  • “Casual” Business Meetings: “Hey, let’s meet up at Starbucks to talk over a few things”. It’s supposed to be casual but there’s usually someone trying to out talk or impress the other
  • Students: Studying. Full table with pens, papers, laptop, books. I sympathize and empathize
  • The Periodic Meet-Up: They come in, spill out all the gossip in their life, lots of head nodding *hug* leaves
  • Working Professional: They work with a certain suave associated with the fact they’ve got a job to do and get to work anywhere they want (with wifi)
  • Peaceful Bookworm: Those sitting with a book, magazine, or newspaper
  • Dates: Keeping it casual because they don’t know each other very well or being casual because they already know each other very well


Heeled Sandals

The ankle strap high heel. Been seeing them around lately and they’re gorgeous. Minimal. Simple.

Classic Saint Laurent Jane Sandal In Black Leather

But I’m clumsy. Gotta face the facts. I love them but they scare me. Found another pair of beauties that are different but share similarities with the YSL. And *ding ding ding* sturdy. The chances of me falling should be less. And I like how they look like they were 30% sure they wanted to be booties.

{freepeople} Dolce Vita Gwen

Life Letters

I hope your dreams are big. I hope they don’t make sense. I hope they are of things I, myself, may not or cannot understand. I hope you let your imagination run wild but that you never lose sight of it. And when you are chasing your dreams and running with your imagination, find beauty in everything that you do and meaning in everything that you want to do. As you grow up and meet more people and encounter puzzles made for grown ups, don’t take those silly grown up things like logic or reason too seriously. There is a reason why you should keep your imagination and dreams close for they will guide you when sensible matters don’t make sense.

Just like when you learned to share and treat others fairly and equally, you will grow up and continue to deserve fair treatment even if others forget their manners. Just like when both you and your brother were given one candy bar each, you will deserve the same amount as him when candy bars are replaced with numbers and opportunities. Some boys and girls will do well and others may need more help. I want you to, not only be yourself, but be comfortable showing the world who you are.

Love wholly. Love sincerely. Love for the reasons of the heart alone.