Reviving Old Shows \ Minimalism \ Cats

Loving the revival of old shows

Boy Meets World→Girl Meets World: The same Corey and Topanga in the sequel and their adorable daughter

Sex and the City←The Carrie Diaries: Watched two episodes of the Carrie Diaries on Hulu and not bad. And you don’t need to be a SATC fan to keep up with the new series

Abundant Closet VS Minimalist

I went through a phase of simplicity. I was traveling and interning abroad for 6 months. I wore the same 4-5 tops and 3-4 bottoms repeatedly. I enjoyed spending my earnings more on getting around and food rather than shopping. I also didn’t want to have an overweight luggage so enjoying perishable goods was my preference. When I came back to the U.S., some force of minimalism came over me and my first goal back was to clear out my room and closet. It’s been 7 months ever since and there are days that I can say, “I have nothing to wear”, and this time, it’s TRUE. I hold back from shopping because (A) I’m a student (B) Stay Minimal. Also trying to abide by Thou shalt not go on any major shopping spree without dropping things off at Goodwill. Recycle before Buying.

The Internet made cats more popular

When my teacher asked my fourth grade class to raise your hand if you are a cat lover, I clearly remember it being only me and one other girl. Now all of a sudden, cats have taken over the internet and sweaters. Forever21 has Hello Kitty and cat tees.

{Revolve Clothing Brian Lichtenberg} personal fave

{Anderson Backstage Blog}


Men’s Shoes

My dad rarely shops. But when he does, he makes sure he doesn’t have to for the next year or so. I was sitting at home and Dad comes home with these Allen Edmond shoes:

3-10-13_MensShoes2 3-10-13_MensShoes1

Ornate, vintage flair, subtle details, AND a matching belt. I don’t know why my dad’s purchases get me excited. The look fits his style well. I think everything that he wears is simple and basic. Nice to see him invest in some great quality accessories with some design. Also, he donated an old pair of shoes and the store gave him a $35 discount. He heard about the store and the discount in the WSJ. I also find it interesting how my dad reads about clothing alongside world news and the finance section whereas I get my fashion fix from store blogs, magazines, and fashion apps. And a guy like him wants to get in and out and would prefer to shop somewhere with a helpful salesperson. Lately, I prefer shopping online with no human interaction. I think the difference lies in our habit, budgets, and familiarity with the store.

  • Habit__ Something marketers either love or hate. Love when you’re in it, hate when they can’t get you out of it. I’ve been in the habit of shopping online lately due to my schedule. Rather than going to the mall, I quickly check my favorite stores’ sites and see what sale promotions are going on. Dad isn’t a frequent shopper and it’s set in his mind to go to a mall when he wants to buy apparel.
  • Budget__ The more you are going to spend, the more you’ll want out of the experience. With a lower shopping budget, I don’t care for any assistance. I care about getting the best deal. On the other hand, if I’m going to spend X amount I do want to feel special. I’d pay more attention to customer service because if it doesn’t meet expectations, I have the flexibility to give another store my business. Of course, I believe all stores and companies should treat their customers courteously and give top-notch service regardless of their budget but, in the point I’m trying to make it, it’s about what the customer’s expecting based on how much they’re willing to spend.
  • Familiarity__ The online stores I have been shopping at are ones that I’m familiar with. I don’t need to question my sizes and I have a decent idea of what to expect. On the other hand, my dad was shopping at a store he’s never been to before. Sizes and fit may differ slightly from store to store and it’s more assuring to shop in-store as oppose to online when checking out a new brand. But there are ways online companies are making up for the in-store experience and they’ve been getting creative. Online vs. In-store… my guess is it all comes down to personal preference and convenience.

I definitely have a bit of a fascination and interest in how men shop as well as the differences in online and in-store shopping. Will malls be redefined in the future? Will the malls as we know it still be around in 30 years? How big will e-commerce be and what approaches are going to be taken to embrace it?

Lastly, I couldn’t help but think that men’s shoes are so well made. Is it just me or is it easier to find a high quality, sturdy pair of shoes for men than it is to find one for women?

The One&Only: Final Attempt

My tenth or eleventh first blog post I’ve written so far. I’ve lost count.

I’ve been playing around with blogging for a long time but ever since my xanga days, I haven’t kept up with a blog very well. In middle school, I loved my xanga. This was pre-facebook times and I would check it almost every day. It was how I became a frequent user of the computer. I loved making my xanga look cute; I searched for different skins as well as learned the basics of html and css in order to achieve the perfect look for my xanga. At that time, I didn’t even know what coding was and hadn’t even heard of any languages. I only realized the value of these type of technical skills once I entered college. When I was a kid at home, the goal was having the cutest Chococat themed xanga (Hello Kitty was too main stream).

I deleted my account sometime during high school. While a part of me is happy that those posts about awkward moments in middle school and high school are no longer visible to the general public, another part of me really wants to read everything and have a good laugh at my growing pains.

I’ve been writing in journals since the first grade but things became disorganized after I completed my very first journal given to me by my first grade teacher. My teacher wrote the sweetest note to me on the first page and the cover had Winnie the Pooh on it. Since the completion of my first journal, I skipped between journals, wrote posts on xanga, then later notes on facebook. How cool would it have been if I had kept up with blogging and would now be a ripened blogger of 10 years? I’m not sure if that would have really been possible since xanga’s popularity has declined since my high school days…

So here’s to a new beginning and my declaration to stop being indecisive about my online writing platform and simply spill it all here. I’m sure I’ll scribe about my blogging blunders and experimenting in another post.

Disclaimer: I write awkward sentences. Paragraphs may often be disconnected to one another. I consider myself far from an eloquent writer. English teachers never seemed to like my papers. Good luck keeping up! And thanks for bearing through it all and reading :)