Life Letters

I hope your dreams are big. I hope they don’t make sense. I hope they are of things I, myself, may not or cannot understand. I hope you let your imagination run wild but that you never lose sight of it. And when you are chasing your dreams and running with your imagination, find beauty in everything that you do and meaning in everything that you want to do. As you grow up and meet more people and encounter puzzles made for grown ups, don’t take those silly grown up things like logic or reason too seriously. There is a reason why you should keep your imagination and dreams close for they will guide you when sensible matters don’t make sense.

Just like when you learned to share and treat others fairly and equally, you will grow up and continue to deserve fair treatment even if others forget their manners. Just like when both you and your brother were given one candy bar each, you will deserve the same amount as him when candy bars are replaced with numbers and opportunities. Some boys and girls will do well and others may need more help. I want you to, not only be yourself, but be comfortable showing the world who you are.

Love wholly. Love sincerely. Love for the reasons of the heart alone.